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Chester E. Freeman

At the early age of 5,  I was shown the tough times of life. My biological mother was not always around. When I would visit her in the summers, I hardly ever saw her. I was left to fend for myself. I saw excessive alcohol and drugs consume the lives of adults around me and I was always scared. I saw people physically hurt one another and bloody situations.  On one summer visit when I was 7, I spent 10 days providing for myself with crackers and mustard. The important thing is, that I would return to my father and Step Mom “who I now call mom”, after each summer adventure to the scary place.

I was able to escape and know that there are people in this world that truly care. I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel of scariness. Growing up with my Father and mom, I was able to camp in the mountains and see what God really intended for all His children. The simplest things are that which God created for us.

When I was 15,  I was blessed with the opportunity to be a Camp Counsellor for sixth graders. I spent time showing them the simple things of life, the true things. I was able to help quiet children open up and become friends with others in their class. This has stayed with me throughout my life and has always made me want to do more!

For 20 plus years I have been lost, not knowing what I was supposed to really do. The entire time the days of counselling in the mountains stayed with me and I always felt God was telling me something. So years ago, I had a dream of having a summer camp to truly help at risk children. Children that do not know what was truly created in the beginning for them; simple things in life, people who care and people who love them without judgment!

So now that God has blessed me with his teaching throughout my life and the Grace he has shown me, I want to pay that forward, I have been blessed with the ability to start “Camp Eagle Cap”. The people that have been put in place by God to help me, are truely....Amazing! I will, along with my family continue to help children throughout the remaining years of my life! God has blessed me with two wonderful little girls and a wife that share my desire to bless others!

Kalia Freeman
Secretary/Social media/ Photography
Garth Tosello
Vice President

Garth Tosello brings a diverse business background to the Camp Eagle Cap board of directors. He currently serves as an elder for Vast Church and as a board member for Hope Africa International, a child sponsorship ministry to children in Uganda. With a son and daughter having attended Biola University and another daughter in high school, Garth and his wife, Kit, have always been active in youth ministry.



Fabian Clark
Fundraising/Mentor Coordinator


I’m passionate about showing Jesus to young people through mentorship and  building lifelong friendships.  I’ve been blessed to work with Young Life organization since 2010 as a Young Life Leader at Bend High School.  Young life has been such an amazing opportunity to show God’s love to young people.  To be a positive influence to the high school community here in Central Oregon is truly a blessing.  


When Chester shared his lifelong dream of his to start Camp Eagle Cap, I was instantly inspired.   As God started open doors and working in Chester’s heart about moving forward with this dream, I started to see how this dream of his was becoming a reality.  Chester confided in me during this whole process and eventually asked me to pray about being part of the team of Camp Eagle Cap.  


After much prayer and serious consideration, I told Chester that I would be honored to be part of what God was doing with Camp Eagle Cap.  I shared his vision with what he wants from the camp and I’m very excited to see what God does through the camp and everyone involved.  I’m amazed at what God has done so far and can’t wait to see the positive impact this will be on the Children and families involved for this year and many years to come!

Kalia is married to Chester and is a byproduct of a family raised in ministry and the organization YWAM.  She has been blessed with being allowed to  have traveled all accross the world and seen many diverse cultures. From a young age, she has always had a dream of using horses and a ranch setting as therapy.  CEC is a fulfillment of that dream.  

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