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Interested in Joining Us? 

We are currently accepting applications for our 2022 Summer camps. If you are looking to volunteer with us we have a variety of volunteer positions at camp which include Setup, Worship, Cooks, Nurses Photographers, Adult Mentors and Junior Mentors. Please fill out a volunteer application and let us know what positions you are interested. Junior Mentors are between the ages of 15 and 17, and have their own specific application.

Once applications are reviewed we will setup a time for you to interview with our Camp Director and one other Board member. To help ensure the safety of our campers and volunteers a background check and reference checks will be required before a making a final decision. 

Junior Mentor Application

Volunteer Application

Submit Applications To;

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Volunteer Positions

Setup (4) – Our setup crew heads into camp a day

earlier than campers. Setup is responsible for getting supplies ready and into camp for the children. They’re focus is on camp needs to ensure mentors can focus solely on their campers and stepping in to cover for mentors when they take their daily breakaway.


Worship (2) – Worship team is responsible for leading

camp in evening worship. Vocals and Guitar leaders are both needed. (This position can also be filled by a mentor/junior mentor).


Cook (2) – Cooks oversee daily meals and snack

preparation throughout the day. Meals are typically precooked, and a menu will be provided. Individual camp teams will be assigned to help with preparation

and clean up for both breakfast and dinner each day. The cook will be responsible for tasking campers with ways to help with meals and reporting on team participation. 


EMT/Nurse (1) – In charge of all daily medications

needed for campers along with standard medical needs. EMT/Nurse will be directly tied to Life Flight and Wallowa Memorial Hospital which will be our main contact during the week of camp.  


Photographer (1) – The photographer’s main purpose to capture pictures at camp that will be put into a photo album for the kids to keep. The photographer floats around camp with the different teams and is

responsible for ensuring every camper gets pictures of them taken.


Mentors (2 Males, 2 Females) – Mentors key

responsibility is to show God’s love to their campers. They are there to ensure they have a great time, while staying safe. Mentors need to be comfortable with

children sharing their stories if they chose to open up and attend all trainings prior to camp to ensure they are prepared. Mentors also need to commit to meeting their campers prior to camp at Crystal Peaks and attending three follow up reunions once we come home. The reunions typically take place in August, October and February. 

Junior Mentors (2 Males, 2 Females)  - The Junior Mentors are especially important for our campers. They help the adult mentor ensure the safety of their group but they also help bridge age gaps and show our campers that there are people in every walk of life wanting to show them hope. 

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