HOW WE GOT STARTED:


CEC has been the long term dream of Chester E. Freeman for over 20 years. Coming from a place where he experienced fear, abandonment and ultimately Gods love in his own life, he has been lead each step of the way by God to pursue the dream placed in his heart. Chester and the partners involved have teamed up to give at risk kids an opportunity to see their lives through Gods lense in a wilderness setting. This enviroment fosters a sense of tranquility so that they can begin to focus on the grace and hope of God's healing love. CEC is a wilderness camp in the Wallowa mountains of Eastern Oregon. The kids come from all areas of Central Oregon. With leaders ( 1 leader per 2 kids) they ride up 6 miles. On horses, they will climb to 7,500 ft in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, camp in a 100 year old cabin next to one of the high lakes. Away from internet and television, the children fish on wooden poles, learn camping skills, teamwork, respect, Gods love and leadership. The last 2 nights will be in Joseph where the kids can swim in Wallowa lake, see wildlife, watch eagles fly, ride go-karts and play putt putt golf. We endeaver, with Gods help, to promote a healing enviroment where love, forgiveness, teamwork,  interdependence, trust and God based values are promoted. We collaborate with local churches and faith based organizations for ongoing, prayer and counsel.

Psalms 127:3 "Behold children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward."



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